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Organisations Engaging their Staff

Organisations Engaging their Staff

Companies are increasingly accountable for their impact on the environment, and are being looked to for leadership and support from their employees.

Recent research has also shown that employees look for a company that is aligned with their own values, and that a higher level of engagement has positive impacts on productivity and employee retention.

The Need

Businesses need a cost effective, accessible method to communicate their environmental initiatives and information to staff, which has the capacity to engage them on a personal level. As corporate accountability becomes more important, businesses need to facilitate behaviour change within the organisation, thereby assisting with achieving business environmental goals.

The Solution

The Sustainable Living Guide displayed as content within the business’ intranet site provides an effective engagement tool, directly accessible to staff. The Guide is a cost-effective, readily available resource for staff, enabling the business to provide an ongoing support service targeting environmental concerns, and communicating the business’ own practices and initiatives.

The Results

The business is seen to be pro-active in tackling environmental concerns, while also offering added-value for staff. Communicating the business’ own initiatives as well as actions which staff can take on a personal level builds the relationship between business and employee, and assists in facilitating behaviour change.

Key Benefits

Some of the specific benefits that the Sustainable Living Guide offers to Organisations (in the Intranet context) are

  • Inform your staff of the organisation’s efforts and successes in reducing it’s impact on the environment,
  • Engage, enthuse and prepare your staff for a sustainable future,
  • Align with the values of your staff and be more likely to retain their services;
  • Continue to focus staff energy and enthusiasm on creating a sustainable culture, brands and business at the organisation.