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Organisations Engaging their Customers & Stakeholders

Organisations Engaging their Customers & Stakeholders

As environmental awareness and climate change concerns continue to rise in profile, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to communicate their environmental initiatives and behaviour to customers, and to act as leaders in the realm of behaviour change. A forward thinking approach in this arena is becoming less a way for a business to differentiate themselves from the competition, and more a pre-requisite for business practices.

The Need

Businesses need a cost effective way to communicate their environmental awareness and behaviours and offer a supporting role to customers and stakeholders en-masse.

The Solution

The Sustainable Living Guide integrated as part of the business’ website enables the business to reach a high number of customers, offering professional, researched content which can both promote the business’ own practices and products while also offering guidance and leadership to customers and stakeholders.

The Results

The business is able to engage customers, provide an additional service, promote them-selves as environmentally aware and further build their relationship with customers and stakeholders.

Key Benefits

Some of the specific benefits that the Sustainable Living Guide offers to organisations include: