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Councils Engaging their Communities

Councils Engaging their Communities

As the grass roots government layer, many Councils are directly engaging with, supporting and providing leadership to their communities on the issues of climate change, drought and environmental decline.  

The Need

Councils require a cost effective, local and community focused online information service that encourages and facilitates behaviour change that reduces their constituents’ impact on the environment (i.e. helps them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, water use, etc...).

The Solution

The Sustainable Living Guide can be displayed in one of two ways:

  1. Embedded in the Council website - we work with Council IT teams to present the Sustainable Living Guide as a seamless part of the Council website.
  2. Embedded in a Council's Sustainable Living Portal site - we can provide a complete stand alone sustainability website that features the Sustainable living Guide along with council projects, events and email subscription functionality.

Both approaches enable your Council to present a professionally researched, written & up to date collection of actions (including images, links and related resources) their constituents can engage in to contibute to a sustainable community.

The Results

Your residents has a localised guide of actions that can inform and support their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and build a sustainable community, which is supported by their local government. Your Council is opening a dialogue with your local community and facilitating behaviour change required to address environmental and sustainability issues.

Key Benefits

Some of the specific benefits that the Sustainable Living Guide offers to Councils are:

  • The Sustainable Living Guide increases the communication capability of often overstretched environment departments with minimal additional staff and resources.
  • The Natural Strategies Group works with Council environment staff to integrate the guide with existing council initiatives and create a communications plan.
  • The Natural Strategies Group will continually explore and evolve the Sustainable Living Guide based on the feedback from our various clients and discussions.